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At Godoy’s, our Brokers are experts in Auto insurance. We know the coverages, can explain their importance, and will give you clear decision-making advice – all with a smile. Call or visit an office to see the Godoy’s difference.

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Passenger vehicle

We pride ourselves on being efficient and knowledgeable in all areas of car & truck insurance. From a renewal with no changes to an out-of-province import, we can handle it all. For knowledgeable and efficient service, visit a Godoy’s office today.

Collector Vehicle

We write insurance for collector vehicles through both ICBC and Hagerty. Protect your prized possession to give you peace of mind. And pop by any of our offices in November for your free collector car calendar.


At Godoy’s, we know motorbikes. You want the right balance of coverage: full coverage during riding season and a solid storage policy in the off-season. On the Sea to Sky, Vancouver Island, up the Sunshine Coast, or down Whidbey Island – we have you covered.

Recreational Vehicles

In most cases, your home insurance doesn’t cover your recreational vehicles. Whether you need coverage for an RV, dirt bike, ATV or snowmobile – we can run you through your options. Need a new plate for use on forestry roads? Looking for liability coverage only? Need theft and own damage coverage for a new recreational machine? Our agents own the same recreational vehicles and are in the best position to give the right advice to you.

Fleet and Prorate

Fleet and prorate operators need one thing more than anything else: prompt, reliable service. Godoy’s currently handles all manner of fleet and prorate, from small contractor’s fleets to large bus and trucking companies. Call or visit your local Godoy’s office & meet the staff who can provide the service you need and expect with a smile.

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We’ve witnessed our fair share of adversity. At Godoy’s, we’re on your side, and are here to earn your trust in protecting your most valuable things in life.