Who We are

Godoys Insurance Only Inc. was founded in 1987 by Steve Godoy. After working in the industry for 10 years prior and having partners in two agencies, Steve Godoy found that client’s changing needs required more service. Steve Godoy left to start his own company, Godoy’s Insurance Only Inc. in 1987 with its first location in North Burnaby. Steve excelled at superior customer care with competitive rates and found Godoy’s Insurance growing rapidly. With clients from all over Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, Steve opened his second office in Langley in 1990 and then again the Abbotsford office with Dennis Ververgaert as a partner, opened in 2000.

With a growing and knowledgeable employee base and a desire to serve new clients, Godoy’s Insurance Only is always looking toward future expansion within B.C.


The best coverage at the lowest rates.

Insurance isn’t easy. It’s an industry of variables – and variables change. Sometimes it’s the regulations that are amended, sometimes it’s the circumstances, such as the economy; forcing insurance providers to adapt quickly to the new standards and requirements. We employ highly qualified people as insurance brokers who work hard to stay on top of everything that can affect you and your insurance coverage, so we can deliver the best insurance you can buy in the region.  There’s a reason why we constantly get referred to as the best insurance broker in the Lower Mainland.

Godoy's Vancouver insurance company

Insurance for Everyone

We’ve witnessed our fair share of adversity. At Godoy’s, we’re on your side, and are here to earn your trust in protecting your most valuable things in life.